Avaris - Changing The Way We Travel

Avaris - Changing The Way We Travel


An Avaris ebike offers a unique blend of environmental consciousness and advanced technology, designed to revolutionise the way we travel. The brand's commitment to sustainability and exceptional customer service, coupled with their top-tier product offerings, sets them apart in the world of electric bicycles.

Avaris Odysey Electric Bike



In the realm of transportation, a significant revolution is occurring, driven by a growing number of individuals opting for electric bikes as their mode of choice. Avaris eBike, a leading brand in this movement, is effectively spearheading the shift. Electric bikes, recognised as an environmentally conscious alternative to conventional means of transportation, offer a plethora of advantages. Not only do they contribute to reducing carbon footprints, but they also actively encourage physical fitness and well-being. By embracing electric bikes, individuals are actively participating in a larger movement towards a greener and healthier future.



Avaris - A Pioneer in Electric Bicycles

Avaris, a prominent player in the e-bike industry, has emerged as a leading provider of cutting-edge electric bicycles that cater to a diverse range of terrains and user preferences. Whether it's navigating bustling urban streets during daily commutes or embarking on thrilling off-road escapades, Avaris e-bikes guarantee a seamless, energy-efficient, and eco-conscious riding experience. With their commitment to innovation and sustainability, Avaris has successfully revolutionised the transportation game.



Avaris Odysey E-Bike - Your Adventure Companion

The Avaris Odysey Electric Mountain Bike is designed for those with a spirit of adventure. It's a powerful electric mountain bike capable of tackling any terrain. With its sleek design and high-tech features, this e-bike allows you to ride longer and further than ever before.

Key features of the Avaris Odysey E-Bike include:

- High performance motor for tackling steep inclines with ease.

- Long lasting battery for extended rides.

- Robust frame designed to withstand tough terrains.

- Advanced suspension for a smooth ride, even on bumpy surfaces.

- UK road legal motor size and top riding speed.

- Colour display unit with USB connection.



Avaris 3.6 E-Bike - Mastering Urban Terrains

For city dwellers and commuters, the Avaris 3.6 E-Bike is the perfect choice. It's a lightweight and stylish road e-bike designed for urban environments. Whether you're heading to work or enjoying a leisurely ride in the park, this road e-bike offers a comfortable and eco-friendly way to travel.

Key features of the Avaris 3.6 E-Bike include:

- Compact and lightweight design for easy manoeuvrability through city streets.

- Powerful motor and long-lasting battery for covering long distances.

- Built-in mudguards to protect from splashes during wet conditions.

- Enhanced display interface for easy monitoring of journeys and progress.



Why Choose an Avaris E-Bike?

There are many reasons to choose an Avaris electric bike. These include:

1. Eco-friendly Transportation: Avaris ebikes offer a green alternative to traditional vehicles, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Health and Fitness: Regular use of an Avaris ebike can help improve your physical fitness and mental well-being.

3. Cost Savings: With an Avaris ebike, you can save on fuel, parking, and public transport costs.

4. Convenience: Avaris ebikes are ideal for commuting, allowing you to bypass traffic and arrive at your destination quicker.

5. Versatility: With different models available, you can choose an Avaris ebike that suits your specific needs and preferences.



Avaris E-Bike: A Health Catalyst

Riding an Avaris eBike isn't just fun; it's also a great way to stay fit. Regular cycling can help improve cardiovascular health, increase muscle strength, improve joint mobility, and boost mental health. With an Avaris eBike, you can control the level of assistance, allowing you to tailor your workout to your fitness level.



Financial Benefits of Owning an Avaris E-Bike

An Avaris e-bike is not only a sustainable choice but also a financially sound one. Unlike cars, ebikes require no fuel, insurance, tax, or costly maintenance. With an Avaris ebike, you can save significantly on transport costs while enjoying the freedom and flexibility of owning your own vehicle.




An Avaris ebike represents more than just a mode of transport; it embodies a healthier, greener, and more sustainable way of living. Whether you're an adventurous rider or a city commuter, Avaris has an e-bike to suit your needs. So why wait? Embrace the e-bike revolution with Avaris today!

Contact eSupreme today to find out more about our range of electric bikes and discover how an Avaris ebike can transform your travel experience. With Avaris, a greener and more sustainable future is within your reach.

Experience the Avaris difference today and join the electric bike revolution!



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