Lankeleisi MG740 PLUS Electric Mountain Bike Reviews

Lankeleisi MG740 PLUS Electric Mountain Bike



“The ebike arrived very well packaged and packaged so that it did not suffer any damage during transport. Once opened, the package was immaculate. It came with an instruction manual in English that explains how to assemble what little there was to assemble (handlebar, front wheel and pedals) and all the detailed operation of the control and configuration menus. It came with all the tools needed for assembly and also a pump, a padlock and obviously a charger and its battery.  The ebike is fantastic, it has huge tires capable of overcoming any obstacle, mainly because it has all-wheel drive. It has a battery capable of powering 2 motors of 1000w each for several kms. The number of kms varies with several factors from the weight of the cyclist, the slope of the terrain, the wind and the desired speed. If you run with only one engine and with level 3 assistance, I believe you can easily reach 100kms.  It's best to exercise and not ride with electric motors alone. So far I am very satisfied with the purchase and with the excellent service provided.”